Merry Go Round Toy Libraries
Terms and Conditions

  • Each new member is asked to fill in an online form with contact details including a current email address. Once you have entered a password and agreed to our terms and conditions, you will be able to select a membership type - group or family - before paying.
  • We will also ask members to fill in an optional monitoring form in person to give us more information about age and number of children, ethnicity, disability or developmental needs. This information is used by us when we buy more toys, and for statistics for grant applications. It does not identify individual children or adults in any way.
  • We add your email to a mailing list for infrequent mailouts about closure dates, events etc relating to the toy libraries. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of the email.
  • All details given are confidential, kept securely and not passed on to third parties. They are only used in connection with the toy library. Please see our Privacy Policy which gives detailed information about how we use and protect your details.
  • Annual membership costs £15 for group members and £6 for family members
  • Group members can borrow up to 12 items at a time, whilst family members can borrow up to 6 items. More items can be borrowed for special events and parties, toys can be booked in advance.
  • Toys and books are lent for a minimum of two weeks, starting from 50p per week per item. You can select a longer loan at time of booking. Please select the time you want to collect toys to make sure they are ready for you.
  • Toys can be renewed online if you want to keep them for longer, as long as they haven’t already been reserved by another member.
  • Overdue fees are payable for each week a toy is late in being returned. This is at the normal weekly rate for that toy. This will be added to your account when the toy is checked in, and you will have to pay this before you can book more toys to borrow.
  • We expect you to look after our toys and bring them back clean, complete and in good condition. However, sometimes toys break. Please let us know. There is no charge for breakages, but we do need the pieces back.
  • Some toys have several pieces – we provide a check list of these so please check all pieces are there before you return the toy. However, we realise bits of toys can go missing; please make sure you let us know if you have mislaid a piece (include a note with the returned toy) and return pieces when they reappear.
  • If you lose a toy you will be liable to pay for a replacement. Please contact us as soon as possible.
  • It is really important to clean all toys thoroughly before return, especially because of the risks from Covid-19. Use hot soapy water, antiseptic spray or antiseptic wipes for cleaning. Fabric toys can be put through the washing machine.
  • All toys will be quarantined  when returned, cleaned again by staff and checked for missing parts etc.
  • Unfortunately, you can no longer come into the building but we can still give advice when you collect toys,  by phone (01392 436777) during opening hours, or use the contact pages on our Facebook page or on our website.
    Last updated May 2022