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V'tech Crawl and Learn Ball

Fee: £ 3.00 for 14 days

Location: Merry Go Round
Condition: A - As new
Code: M0848

A built-in motor activates to make the ball roll around, promoting crawling. Limited controlled movement means that the ball stops within reach. Press the chunky buttons to hear fun music and animal sound effects. Transparent colourful buttons give a fantastic light-up effect along with the spinning disk on the top. Ladybird key turns the disk and activates fun responses. Introduces animals, numbers, counting and colours. Motorised ball magically rolls on its own. Turning ladybird key spins top disc and activates melodies. Animal press-buttons introduce animals and their sounds. Light-up shape buttons introduce colours, shapes and 1-2-3. Uses 3xAA batteries.

Minimum Age 6 months+

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