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Pikler Wooden Climbing Set

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Folding triangle with 2 flower shaped connectors (PLEASE DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN)
Please clean with antibac before returning

Fee: £ 8.00 for 14 days

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Smartwoodstore
Code: M0880

(Please do not book for longer than 2 weeks without asking staff first: this is a popular item with our members and we want to be fair)

The Pikler wooden climbing triangle (foldable) with arch and ramp (for climbing or sliding) is a unique playground that supports the sensory and motor development movements of babies and children, contributing to the development of their muscular structures.
It has been produced in accordance with Montessori principles. It is a sturdy indoor climbing structure that encourages little ones (ages 6 months to 6 years) to practice gross motor development skills and physical challenges at their own pace. Babies begin by pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand, and can slowly teach themselves to climb up and over.
The Pikler empowers children to safely explore what their body is capable of independently of their parents; encouraging curiosity and self-confidence in their own physical abilities!
Needs adult supervision & soft carpeting or matting

Minimum Age 6 months+

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